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Ocular Disease

Every part of the body has potential for disease and the eyes are no exception. While many conditions are age-related, many others can occur at any age (which is why REGULAR eye exams are important at every age). Glaucoma and cataracts CAN occur in children, not just in their grandparents.

The doctors at Vestavia Eye Care routinely diagnose and manage many ocular diseases. “Pink eye” is a generic term that people use to describe an eye that is red and miserable. Our doctors are trained to sort out which one of 15-20 conditions is causing that eye to be unhappy. Cataracts slowly cause changes in vision over time and can be managed with a change in refractive prescription. Glaucoma can be treated and managed with eye drops and our doctors do regular testing to ensure no progression occurs. Macular degeneration must be monitored regularly and stabilized with eye vitamins and supplements. Foreign bodies (wood, metal, sand, bugs, glitter) must be removed from the cornea and conjunctiva as soon as possible. The itching of allergic conjunctivitis is often easily treated with eye drops but it is critical to use the right eye drop. If you have visited the eye care section of your local pharmacy lately, you know the selection can be overwhelming.

While these are just a few examples, there are many other things that can go wrong with eyes. The eyes do a remarkable job of protecting themselves from infection and damage; they do a truly remarkable job of cleansing and healing themselves. But when they need help, they need a medical optometrist to help them do their job.

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