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Myopia Control

Optometrists now have the ability to slow down the progression of a child’s myopia (nearsightesness). Studies are showing that intervening at the right time of life (6-16 years of age) with specially designed contact lenses reduces the amount of myopia by 60% on average.

We use the following 3 methods of myopia control at Vestavia Eye Care:

  • MiSight contact lenses by Cooper Vision (the only FDA approved soft contact lens for the treatment of myopia).
  • CRT lenses (worn while sleeping then removed upon awakening to provide clear vision without correction all day!)
  • Low dose atropine eye drops (instilled at bedtime)

Vestavia Eye Care doctor’s are experienced in all three methods. Schedule a myopia control consultation with our doctors to help us determine which one will be best for you.

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